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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Urea Solution


What car needs to use AdBlue®

2021-07-17 17:31:03

AdBlue is an essential product for heavy-duty diesel vehicles to meet the chinese national iv emission standards.AdBlue for vehicles refers to aqueous urea solutionwith a urea concentration of 32.5% and ultrapure water as the solvent and the raw materials are urea crystals and ultrapure water.

For heavy-duty trucks, buses and other diesel vehicles to meet the national iv emission standards, a suitable SCR system must be selected for exhaust gas treatment and this system must use urea solution to treat the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas. therefore AdBlue has become an essential product for heavy-duty trucks and buses to meet the national iv emission standards.

SCR is the best choice for my country to reduce emissions. at present, the current domestic diesel national standard GB19147-2009 requires a sulfur content of ≤350ppm, while the ECR-DOC technology requires a sulfur content of oil products below 10ppm, so there is no promotion condition in china for the time being. SCR can withstand 350ppm of sulfur-containing oil, so it has a technical basis for promotion. Because the fuel economy of the national iv engine using SCR technology is better than EGR technology, the engine changes are small, the fuel and oil requirements are lower, the technology upgrade continuity has advantages, the SCR catalyst has good durability and there is no catalyst blockage Therefore, SCR technology is the most suitable technology route for the emission reduction of heavy diesel vehicles in my country’s national conditions.

AdBlue is an aqueous urea solution with a concentration of 32.5% and the solvent is ultrapure water. The raw materials for production are urea crystals and ultrapure water. The key point is the purity of the raw materials. From the perspective of the production process, although the purity requirements for the raw material of AdBlue are higher than the requirements for general industrial use, the current domestic process can already meet the actual application needs. The production process of automotive urea is not sufficient to build a high barrier to entry.

AdBlue must use first-class ultrapure water in the electronics industry, cause the SCR catalyst carrier is prone to metal ion poisoning and loses its catalytic effect, the automotive urea solution must use first-grade ultrapure water in the electronics industry (resistivity ≥18MΩ.cm). The car urea solution will start to freeze at -11°C, and it will freeze completely at -20°C in actual use. The current technology is to reduce the freezing point of the solution by adding a modifier, and adding a heating device to prevent the solution from freezing.

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